Jerusalem's Wailing Wall: You Are There

I fell in love with the time-lapse videos of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (below) the second I saw them. They're by the talented blogger and crazy busy traveler Michael Hodson of Go, See, Write.

Next year, in Jerusalem.

I've been dreaming of that ever  since I went to Jordan a couple weeks after the end of the first Gulf War. One night a friend and I sat in a little outdoor bar in Aquaba, mesmerized by the lights of Israel, shining at us from across the Red Sea. The watery gap between the two countries is so small that a royal horse once swam across it.

Alas, unlike Moses we couldn't part the Red Sea and get across. We had only a few days left in Jordan, so we headed for glorious Wadi Rum ... But that's another story.

Michael is holed up in a Jerusalem hotel and updating the photos as we speak. Enter a Jerusalem neighborhood here.