Uganda: Warning, Lion Crossing (video)

Uganda lion: Photo by Candace Dempsey
Don't you hate it when a lion gets too close to you in Uganda? You're just trying to get to Mweya Safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth Park for chimp trekking. You come around the corner and, yup, there's a couple of tree-climbing lions. A big male up in the fig tree and a female blocking the road. What do you do? Wait.

Only two places on earth have tree-climbing lions. It's Uganda or Tanzania. Click on the video below to see the female lion that loped in front of our refurbished Range Rover. Elephants also big-footed this road. Baboons begged for bananas. Just another day in the southwest part of this gorgeous land, aka, the "friendliest country in Africa."

Nobody knows why these lions climb. To get away from tsetse flies, cool off, digest their food? What do you think?

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