Dreaming of Venice? Me too.

I was dreaming of Venice last fall, but my trip to Italy fell through. Now, I'm socked into a Seattle winter, the roads covered with uncharacteristic snow. Luckily, I've got Dream of Venice in Black and White and my memories for company. In 77 photographs from 10 countries, this new book strips the legendary floating city down to its bones, presenting it to us in black and white, in fog and ice and rain.

Started in 400 A.D. by citizens seeking safety from the perilous mainland, Venice is made up of 117 tiny islands, connected by winding canals and rickety bridges. Trust me, you have not seen it all.

Do not believe anybody who tells you Venice is ruined and over-discovered. Leave San Marco and keep walking until you get lost in the narrow streets where few visitors ever venture. You will find peace, that rare thing.

Dream of Venice captures Venice's tangled history and fascination, thanks to commentary by Tiziano Scarpa. A novelist, poet, playwright and journalist, he wrote the popular Venice Is A Fish: a Sensual Guide. Editor Joann Locktov founded Bella Figura Publications, an imprint dedicated to Venice-inspired works.

Enjoy these beautiful images.

Photo credits: Julie Brami, 2016, La pausa del gondoliere.
Fabio Sguazzin, 2016, Caffè Florian
cover image: Lisa Katsiaris

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