Conde Elevator, Your Wednesday Twitter Escape

Have I made it clear that we're coping with hell and I can't leave Seattle until September October at soonest? Did we discuss the rain?

So here's my favorite escape for today. Do not blame me if it does not involve paragliding on K2 or kayaking to Alaska along the Inside Passage.

I just discovered a genius Twitter guy who calls himself Conde Elevator. I'm figuring he's stuck in New York in a tropical heat wave where horrible people like Anna Wintour of Vogue are in the Hamptons. "See Nanny Diaries" or that movie that Anne Hathaway ruined, "The Devil Needs Prada."I actually love Anne, in or out of movies, but the role required a non-bubbly depressed young woman who might go down under the weight of a ego-sucking micro-manager. Did anybody doubt that Anne would perk up in the end?

Which brings me back to Conde Elevator, named of course for the elevator in Conde Nast headquarters, which I've actually ridden to Glamour Magazine (don't ask).

The great thing about Conde's Twitter stream is that it attracts the downtrodden who delight in sharing their own elevator experiences. Having worked in magazines for years, these Tweets speak to me:

@CondeElevator when I interned there, I heard lady on the phone: I’m sorry you’re in the hospital, but I really need those photos.

Girl #1: There should be an elevator that only goes to Vogue. Just up to the 12th floor and back down. Girl #2: totally.
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