Escape to Uganda, East Africa (video)

By Candace Dempsey, author of Murder in Italy, the true story of Amanda Knox. 

American often think of Uganda as a troubled nation, but it is magic. Uganda. To see why, take Benjamin Doyle's beautifully choreographed spin through this friendly, warm, resilient, heart-breaking African nation. "In March 2013 I took a trip to Uganda and Tanzania with two of my siblings to visit my sister who was volunteering at the time for Jenga, a community development organization in Mbale, Uganda. "This is a glimpse of our time there," he says.

THIS IS AFRICA from Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.
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Runaway Animals Around the Globe (slideshow)

By Candace Dempsey, author of Murder In Italy, the true story of Amanda Knox

Do you know where your pet is, your camel? You may be surprised. Follow me around the globe while I worry about this animal and that animal, like the runaway camel from hell.
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A Bikini Too Far? New Zealand Safety Video

By Candace Dempsey

Who needs hobbits when New Zealand Air dishes up Christie Brinkley romancing a pool boy, plus a bevy of bikini-clad supermodels delivering those boring safety rules that we usually ignore?

This salute to the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, filmed in the sublime Cook Islands,  has upset feminists in New Zealand, but dive right in. Tell me what you think. If you don't like that one, check out New Zealand Air's Betty White.
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Ring of Fire : Climbing Mt. St. Helens

By Candace Dempsey, author of Murder In Italy, the true story of Amanda Knox

Do you remember where you were when Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980, with a force 20,000 times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb? I was holed up in Seattle, on the Pacific Ring of Fire, when Washington's deadliest volcano went off, after playing nice for 120 years. The winds blew east instead of north, covering much of Washington with ash and darkening the sky at midday, Seattle was unscathed, but 27 people died in southwest Washington, when they got too close.

In August 2014, I'll live out a longtime dream. I'll be climbing this 14,140 peak with my sister--our first ever big-time adventure together. More than 4,000 feet in five miles. Permits went on sale yesterday (Feb. 3) and are nearly gone. Try to buy the $22 permit in summer, when visibility is high and you can see the summit. Weekends are much busier than mid-week, so plan accordingly. See you at the top. Watch the video. Get inspired.
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