Kayaking with Seals in Seattle

I'm back in love with Seattle, despite our summer of rain, just rain. Well, actually, that pretty much describes the whole year.

What a thrill to paddle the Nisqually Delta, just an hour's drive from home. A bald eagle rests atop that timber to the left of me. We managed to get lost in the delta, headed back through high tide, wind coming up, sky darkening. Paddling got harder and harder.

But harbor seals kept popping up out of the water, every time I got tired, staring at me like helpful little dogs.

I hate the term, "spiritual experience," but I now understand why ancient mariners believed in mermaids. Native Americans in big black boats were pulling in their crab pots and nets, by the time we finally got back. The water was warm, so warm, I didn't even fasten my spray skirt.